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Kholo M Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Seelpoort, Limpopo, South Africa, and our mission is to "give hope and unlock destinies to disadvantaged families in communities."

The foundation focuses on four key areas:

Education: We provides scholarships to students from disadvantaged families, and it also supports educational programs in local schools
Healthcare: We provides healthcare assistance to people who cannot afford it, and it also supports community healthcare programs.
Food security: We provides food to people who are hungry, and it also supports programs that promote food security in local communities.
Entrepreneurship: We provides training and support to entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds.


A safer, healthier and more prosperous South Africa, where all people, especially outh, have access to the information, skills and opportunities they need to contribute to equitable local and national development.


To address social vulnerabilities& inequalities by providing support and developmental know-how,through key partnerships for initiatives at a communitylevel that quantifiably demonstrate social impact


KM Foundation commits to its stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries that it adheres to good corporate governance principles and ensures that It maintains its reputational capital by always placing those who we support first

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At Kholo M Foundation we recognises that the typical approaches of government and NGOs compartmentalise problems and deliver programmes which tend to address single issues in a non-operative and unsustainable manner. In response Khulisa has developed an approach which addresses the challenges faced by communities in a holistic and comprehensive manner by adopting an integrated approach to community development. The organisation’s purpose is to utilise this methodology to deliver a strength of community cohesion to communities and to aid there development The model identifies the systemic challenges in society and communities, attaches value to intrinsic community assets and indigenous knowledge, and explores and maps opportunities to overcome fragmentation of policy, systems and service delivery through the supported mobilisation of local capacity. Based on this understanding, Khulisa works collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to identify key projects that would have the highest impact in ‘the system’ to effect sustainable social change.

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